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Gates sporting clean, contemporary lines

Gates that act as windows onto life

The ACTIVE range is the ideal partner for all those of you who lead a bustling, productive day-to-day life. With clean, modern lines, the ACTIVE range and its 96x50 mm sized upright jambs come in a wide range of models with so many filling possibilities that each gate is unique!

Gates tailored to your requirements
Tous lesAll of the models in the ACTIVE range can be custom-built in terms of height and width. Different sized leaves can also be designed for even more of a personal touch (depending on the technical constraints).

The single gate to match
All of the shapes of the top transoms and fillings are available for matching the single gate to the double gate.

Unbeatable robustness
All of the swing gate structures are in aluminium! They are then finished in PVC, foiled PVC or powder coated depending on your preference and requirements.

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