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A responsible and sustainable approach

Maine Clôtures makes and assembles all its product ranges on its site in Ambrières-les-Vallées (Mayenne) with the MAINE Group's ethos firmly in mind for products that have been Made in France according to a responsible and sustainable approach.

All Maine Clôtures products are mechanically assembled, which means that each component of a swing gate or piece of fencing can be replaced separately from the whole, to ensure easy, low-cost repairs. Another advantage of mechanical assembly is that the components at the end of the product's life can be sorted and recycled.

Maine Clôtures makes its fencing and gates out of Aluminium, with a powder-coated, foiled PVC or PVC finish.

Gates with a PVC finish are sturdy, thanks to the aluminium, and hard-wearing under harsh weather conditions thanks to the PVC.

The colour of our integrally-coloured PVC profiles bearing the NF Mark is guaranteed to stay constant for 10 years.

The powder coating of swing gates and fencing is accredited with the Qualicoat and Qualimarine labels (Qualideco for golden-oak designs), evidence that our products are fully in line with the requirements stipulated in the directives set out by the European countries concerned. The coating of our profiles is thus guaranteed to last for 10 years.

Our high-quality products also meet your requirements for an attractive, harmonious design of your outdoor spaces."

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